“The rave reviews from my clients were music to my ears.  I understand you were fabulous and professional and your staff was very competent and classy. 

You were amazing at Fund A Mission from the reports as well. "

- Kathy, Band Against MS Coordinator


“We were so impressed with your expertise and energy. You were skillful, fun, lively, quick and the teamwork displayed by you and Bob encouraged the bids even higher.” 
April Tavares, Procurement Chair, Grand View League 

“Your talent and efforts, as well as those of your helpful cashiers, have raised the bar for our annual event. Thank you so much for your passion and support. This year’s benefit event raised over $200,000 with your help!” 
Jean Wiengarten, Peninsula School for the Deaf 

“With your help, we raised much-needed funds to help bring arts education to 18,000 children in our public schools and provide assistance to hundreds of talented artists and arts organizations throughout the county.” 
Alberto Råfols, Executive Director, Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County 

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You both did an amazing job for CFRI through preparation and commitment to us. We netted close to $100,000- You are the best!"
Francine Bion,  Cystic Fibrosis Research Institute

"Thank you for your superb guidance. You and Rob have been an absolute pleasure to work with... The amount raised far surpassed our wildest dreams. Suffice to say, we could not have run the auction as professionally and efficiently without Rob and you. I was astounded when Rob was able to leave with all of the cashiering completed about 35-40 minutes after the end of the event. "

Lou De La Rosa, Director Beethoven Society