For all Executors and Trustees of family estates, our Concierge Plus Move Management and Estate Service Package offers a complete estate settlement solution.  We provide all the accounting reports and inventory reports for the court that documents every single item details throughout the entire sale process.  Please call us at 831-334-4393, or visit us online at www.slawinski.com to learn more about this valuable service. 

     Robert Slawinski’s Move Management & Estate Services provides professional real estate, estate sale and auction solutions. We take on the task of selling our client’s home and set up of estate sales for any extra or unwanted assets or belongings that they don’t want to take with them.  Then we provide our in house auction service for the valuable assets such as antiques, jewelry, collectibles, art, general merchandise and even commercial assets to get our clients the top dollars for their valuables.  Our team of real estate experts ensures our clients get top market value for all their real estate property. We value our clients and we take great care in managing the tasks of cleaning, sorting, appraising, packing, shipping, moving and managing the sale of our client’s assets. By using our comprehensive Concierge Plus Move Management and Estate Services Package, our clients can move on with confidence, knowing that all the details of this important transition are taken care of smoothly, and with unconditional care. 

     We will market your collections or single items of fine art, rare pieces, coins, jewelry, silver, art glass, classic cars and alike to several million buyers world wide.

    When you make an appointment with Robert Slawinski Estate Sales and Auction Company, they will come to your location for a free consultation to evaluate and provide you with a strategy that is best suited for your particular situation

     Robert Slawinski’s Concierge Plus Move Management and Estate Services Package is committed to providing you with comprehensive personal and real estate property selling service. Our staff is readily available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the property whether you’re downsizing or selling your personal property in preparing to put your house on the market and move on.  We have all the resources to do it all.

Complete Real Estate, Downsizing, Estate Sales and Moving Services.  

All The Services That You Need In One Package.  So You Can Move On.